Guy Parson's file naming method

Started Jun 10, 2012 | Discussions thread
rondom Senior Member • Posts: 2,891
last post to aid the sanitation effort in ricoh forum

Tom Caldwell wrote:

However heavy sarcasm, no matter how clever the words, tends to demean the forum and will destroy what is left of it if it continues.

I think this place has been "legally dead" for some time.

for goodness sake, i make the most active users list with an average of five posts a week! which seems to be too much for you.
don't get discouraged please.

so from now on you get five less messages a week in dpreview froum a.k.a. tom caldwell blog.
enjoy the loving and positive atmosphere..

p.s. i wanted to comment on your "tired" picture, but chose not to. maybe i should before i say my good bye: as you were pressing the "to-die-for gxr shutter" were you in the middle of a ricoh customization speech?
bye now.

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