5D III - Selecting focus points on intersecting lines 3x3 grid in VF

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Skip M Veteran Member • Posts: 7,174
Re: Maybe the are at rule of thirds.

tony field wrote:

You forgot to mention that the grid display does not show rule of thirds. That is an even greater sin That would be a fine asset for experienced photographers who shoot by the rules.

Rumi Siddiqui wrote:

A novice, really? I figured maybe this time around; my new $3500 camera may actually do the simple task of AF to the rule of thirds without having to recompose or crop in post- within the viewfinder. Obviously it's not complicated, but it would be nice have in this caliber of camera.

tallshorty wrote:

Choose the closest AF point, focus, and then recompose the subject to your desired position, take photo. Not that complicated.

Just curious, is this your first DSLR? Please don't be offended, but you sound quite novice.

I can't tell if you're serious or not. Most "experienced" photographers have a pretty good handle on where the 1/3 and 2/3 areas are. Most of them. Most of the time. Pretty much.

What I like the grid lines for are keeping my horizons straight, something I've struggled with for years.

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