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Re: use case for K-5

Well, it is a bit strange, I agree.

Long story. I own a 550D, very happy with it. My skill is the limit not the camera.

But still I dream of FF for IQ and ISO upgrade.

Not in a hurry, so hold out and wait for 5D3, but K-5 is just too nice to miss, very good price appear Christmas last year, and my wife got it for me.

Very happy with it, especially with all my vintage MF lenses (takumar, vivitar and kiron). The solid build, the IQ and SR are just a so nice.

My wife took my 550D on a extended loan (maybe that in shy she got me the K-5), so my 580II and 100mm L is gathering dust for months.

With the 5D3 being what it is, I end up with a 5D2 last month.

With my current situation, I still aim to minimise overlap, if possible.

I think FF sensor is good for lanscape, that is why I think 5D2 will be good for that. I also have a 35mm tilt/shift that only fit canon (unless I start a conversion project). I agree with you about the weight issue. As I said in my prev post, I will not dismiss K-5 for lanscape.

For sport/wildlife/bird, the fps of 5D2 is one factor (I am not really a spray and pray type, but sometime I try to catch action sequence), but mostly, I can get longer reach with the 1.5 crop factor.

For portraits, I have the very nice 85mm 1.8 for canon.

I have no ltd pentax, I really like one, but need to roughly decide the role of the K-5 first before I buy more lens. The 77ltd sound nice. Yeah, I am in real danger of buy too many gear. Most of them are just to satisfy my lust/curiosity. I have clear case of LBA.

Macro, yeah the 100L is very nice. With the 580II and some diffusing, very nice indeed. the 4 stop IS is not really 4 stop in macro range, but still helps. IQ is so nice. Then again, I wonder about kiron 105, viv 90 and Tamron 90 on the K-5 (which can be share with canon). SR on K-5 will be nice. But I don't have any pttl (I just remote trigger to fire the 580II from K-5, but not as convenient. In full manual mode.

Video, yup definitely 5D2, totally agree. With the Magic Lantern firmware, it is really nice.

Have not try out Strobist yet, so don't know what to think for that yet.

Selling canon? Maybe not. Using it to train my bicep? Good idea.

Thanks for the reply, it is helpful I believe.


Steve1307 wrote:

kkx wrote:

Given the different pro and cons of these two camera, if you have both K-5 and 5D2, what would you use each for and what sort of lens (and other accessories) would you get for each to support the use case of each.

Would really appreciate advise from the more experienced pentax shooter.

I am thinking 5D2 with wide angle lens for landscape.

K-5, with longer lenses for wildlife or sports.

I love macro too, and have 580exII and 100L for 5D2, but been thinking of getting either Tamron 90mm or kiron 105 for pentax.

Don't want to have too many duplicate, trying to optimise for the pro of each.


You "don't want to have too many duplicate" but are intending to have both camera systems? Sounds a little odd in my opinion.

K-5 and lenses generally are much lighter weight so any hiking outdoor our in the weather and this would include landscapes i would use the K-5.

There is a misconception that landscapes have to be wide angle. A mountain range in the background looks less impressive when shot at UWA. If wide angle on the K-5 is not wide enough you can always pano-stitch.

For sports you picked the K-5. Is this because the 5D2 is not so hot at focusing or lower FPS? If you intend to "spray and pray" at sporting event like a 7D or 1Ds user would then forget the 5D2 but I'm pretty sure you could selectively shoot sport with a 5D2 just as well as a K-5.

Canon has more lenses for sports (if you have the $$$$) but how many lenses do you really want?

For macro, stick with the 5D2 and 100L. The "L" macro is awesome according to the entire one person I know with it. It would want to be as you can buy 2 x Tamron 90mm for the same money. Don't bother with the macro lens for the K-5 (unless you are going to sell the Canon).

Portraits are supposed to be a strong point with the 5D2 with the right lens, but then again you should look at some of the K-5 / 77ltd portraits.

Strobist seems to be better with Canon but i don't really have enough experience with either system to be honest.

Video, definitely the 5D hands down.

If it were me.... I would use the K-5 for all shooting and use the Canon kit for doing bicep curls, or more likely sell it and it's heavy and expensive lenses to buy more Pentax Ltd primes.
This last bit is just my opinion and not intended as any serious advice.

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