wishlist for the S100 successor

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I'd wish for an end to the "Lens Error of death"

I'd be fine with just one wish handled thoroughly by Canon: do whatever it takes to end this Lens Error mess that has been plaguing them for so long now.

I've had my S100 since Oct. '11 - one of the very first, bought from Best Buy before it was even displayed on the shelf - and today it tragically fell victim to the deadly Lens Error message. Lens extended, would not retract. Took it back to BB and it's off for service, but by now we've all heard that a "fixed" one is no guarantee.

I've owned the S30, S70, SD800is, taken them all over (including overseas), without any issues at all. Hopefully this bum S100 is just a random lemon, but no fancy added feature on their next-gen cams is going to convince me to buy without my confidence being restored that they are competent enough to remedy a chronic problem.

Up until today, the S100 has been simply marvelous. Love the features, controls, and photo results. Love the video button (though the idea of making it programmable seems like a harmless, smart idea). Love the 24mm - once you get used to it, it changes how you see.

I wouldn't find a touch-screen at all appealing. I've never seen a touch-screen interface that didn't seem childish to me. It would turn me off the camera immediately.

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