D700 still relevant in the D800 vs D4 debate

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Re: D700 or D800

It's not so much letting a rumour affect a purchasing decision. I'ts the fact that I'm keen to upgrade soon, not desperate. What some might see as lame, others would see as common sense. If we were talking about a D900, fair enough, but the D600 I suspect is not far from appearing, a few months and we will have Photokina, and the D600 before I hope.

However, I also tend to think that the D700 is not THAT much worse than the D800 in low-light. It's also a camera that was around $2,700, body only. OK a new camera coming in at roughly that price point would benefit from newer tech. I don't think the D600 wil be it though. Many anticipate $2,000 with a lens. So, a $1,500 camera. I'm sure it'll be good, but an FX sensor in a DX body. I have a feeling it won't trounce the D700.

$1,800 - I'm in Malaysia. Dealers are ditching stock fast and I buy a lot of kit from one in particular so I also get good discounts. Couple of bits I've managed to get at trade price. Lucky there.

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