NEX 5N vs RX100

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Re: The RX100 is very tempting

wb2trf wrote:

I am certainly not going to flame but am really baffled by your experience with the Nex. I bought it for the exact same reason you did: tired of blurry pics of fast moving kids indoors with P&S, and hating flash. For me the Nex has solved that problem. I liked it with the kit zoom, but love it with the 50mm f1.8 prime.

I bought the NEX-5N specifically to take pictures (and video) of my newborn twins without flash. This required good low light performance. I had to wait for the 50mm f/1.8 but it was well worth it (though I'd have much preferred a 30mm f/1.8.

I think the problem you're seeing is the kit zoom. If you put the f/1.8 on there you'd find the NEX-5N to take much better shots than the RX100 with one exception: it's 50mm. That being said, as a grab-and-take-a-picture-fast camera, the RX100 is probably really great.

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