Guy Parson's file naming method

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A club is a club even if it is called "a camera"

Thanks Guy, and I refer the remainder obliquely and not to your post.

If it works, it works. If anyone else has a pet file system of their own then they had best use it.

If others see no benefit in ideas about systems of file management then there is no problem with that either.

However it seems that there is a problem on here on passing on something that we have discovered and that might be of some possible use (or of no use whatsoever) that we have discovered. I think no kudos or acknowledgement was ever requested or desired. However heavy sarcasm, no matter how clever the words, tends to demean the forum and will destroy what is left of it if it continues.

I guess a club is a club no matter whether you have just picked up a lump of wood lying on the ground or have carefully turned up one on the lathe. It is still a club.

I guess the guy who found he could shift a heavy weight by himself by rolling it over a log got some ridicule from two of his mates who told him that they could simply pick it up and carry it together and it would work much quicker. So when he invented the wheel and axle he did not tell them or ask their opinion but left them happily ever-after carrying everything they ever needed.

Godfrey, Guy, and others who contribute their ideas in a positive way, I thank you.

Those that disagree with me and put their own considered ideas in response I also thank them for their input, it is welcomed, I have never claimed or wish to claim any particularly enlightened position.

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