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Re: Why 1/5000?

Steve Balcombe wrote:

Le Kilt wrote:

I'd add that trading a little shutter speed for some more DOF can also help on these shots, getting a bit more of the beast nice and sharp. Certainly worth trying a few variations if you have the time.

This is always a tricky one with dragonflies. The shot I showed was taken at f/9, which I use quite often. The whole body is in sharp focus, but only because I've taken it square on. The wings are very blurred, and in this case it's intentional. A smaller aperture, say f/13 to f/16, would have sharpened the inner part of the wings enough to distract from the body detail, yet still left the outer part of the wings blurred. And of course the background blur would have been reduced. If you want a dragonfly sharp from wingtip to wingtip, you have to use another shooting angle.

Agreed entirely, your shot is awesome. I was thinking more of mailman's 1/5000' that could be traded for a bit of ISO and a bit of DOF.

This one has no where near the same IQ, but it always amuses me how it looks like he's laughing at me taking the pic! (with 100-400L under an overhead electricity cable).

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