Half of D800 have issues???

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Re: thanks for the post

Kerry Pierce wrote:

chipmaster wrote:

Thom talked a little today about D800 and supply. Was interesting his comment about 1/2 of the dozen or so he has seen got issues.

I am not a regular reader on Thom's site, so the heads up is appreciated. I found his comments interesting, certainly a breath of fresh air compared to the usual hype found here.

As much as I love new toys, I'm glad that I canceled my pre-order. I haven't read enough of the posts to know what all is involved with the left AF issue and some of the other stuff. It's just too annoying and confusing to try to separate the fanboy posts from the troll posts and the sincere posts....

I have purchased several Nikons over the years and have never had a defective unit until this year, with the purchase of the d7k, also an AF issue. So, it seems that Nikon is having issues getting fully on track after suffering all of those natural disasters. I have no doubt that Nikon will get a handle on these issues. I'm in no hurry, so I'll wait. The d800 seems to be quite a camera and I'll have one in my bag, sooner or later.


Hi Kerry,

Share your sentiments exactly. Stated just as I would have.

Coincidentally, I also had an AF problem with my new D3S that I purchased a few months ago.

I have a D800E on the way, to arrive on Tuesday. Needless to say, it took some perseverance to find one as I was not on any pre-order list. I am now on the fence, and may just indeed cancel until I feel confident that most of the smoke has cleared.


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