Question about copyright, models and the law...

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Re: Question about copyright, models and the law...

Very little of what has been written above is correct.

First, the US is much different than the rest of the world, so forget about anyone’s answer from elsewhere.

Second, even in the US it is different from state to state - check the California laws.

Third, posting on the web (such as this forum) is NOT publishing in the US.

Fourth, it is the publisher’s responsibility, not the photographer’s. Your portfolio may or may not be ‘publishing ‘ (differs from state to state) and, of course, other publishers may not buy your image without a release.

Fifth, you can always be sued for how you use the image with or without a release. [Editorial – This is America and lawyers have to eat and drive Ferraris too.]

Here is a basic primer:


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Some would have you believe that having to adapt to new technology is a workaround, but having adapted to old technology is photography.

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