NX20 Firmware update

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Re: Huge improvement!!!

tecnoworld wrote:

the fact that I kept repeating my unhappiness about new NX product is due to the fact that I was very disappointed by nx20. I was eagerly awaiting it as a totally new camera, able to kill other competitors from other brands, ad an attractive pricepoint. the rumors from Samsung let me think that a new sensor would have been employed and the china production would have helped to keep the price at a very nice level.

I was hoping in a rangefinder styled body like the one shown in some Samsung rumor, and was hoping in a very high res EVF since Samsung is "father" of amoled and very nice tv equipment.

that's all. the disappointment turned in "resentment" towards the nx20 and Samsung policy, who prefer to add a gimmick which I consider unuseful, like WiFi, rather than implementing newer and better hardware, but at a pricepoint that I consider premium and not worth.

you were hoping too much. nx 20 is ok. and please stop whining about too expensive and not costing the awaited amount. don't like nx20 for 1000? like nex7 ? go buy it for 1350$. oh, you don't have 1350 either? then sorry, sit out and wait for a megabargain. every thread about nx20 is with you telling you don't have enough money.

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