We Have A Problem

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We Have A Problem

(I posted this thread in the Sony NEX forum, but I thought the entire community might want to follow this story, so I am posting here it too, if that is okay)

I bought an open box Sony SEL 18-200 NEX E Mount lens from a prominent online retailer yesterday. The price was $700, a $200 savings. I asked the salesman on the phone to please inspect the lens himself befor sending it, since I wasn't there to do so myself. He assured me he would.

The lens was sent to me via overnight FedEx, free of charge. The package arrived at nine this morning. Right off the bat, when the delivery man handed the box to me, I noticed that it was lighter than I thought it should be. I was pleased. I'd read that the NEX 18-200 is kind of heavy.

I opened the brown shipping box. A shiny Sony SEL18-200 retail box was inside. It looked to be brand new. I was pleased. I opened up the retail box. There was a lump of plastic wrapping inside, and nothing else. No paperwork. No warranty cards. The lump of plastic wrapping itself was very light. I unraveled the wrapping. By the third layer, I was able to make out the color of the lens barrel. It was black. I thought that was odd. I was expecting the first-generation silver-and-black 18-200, not the brand new all-black one. Even better!

The last layer of wrapping was clear plastic, not bubblewrap. The lens was now plain to see, and I was dismayed. It was not an 18-200 lens. It was not even a Sony NEX lens. It was a first-generation Nikon 18-55G kit lens. The first generation 18-55, the one without VR.

Not even worth $100.

I immediately checked my bank account. The $700 already had been withdrawn. I felt a little sick inside. I called the retailer's customer service number. A recording told me that they are closed on Saturdays. They will re-open tomorrow, Sunday, at 11;00AM.

I'm worried. It's going to be my word against theirs. They could say any number of things. I imagine that this lens was previously purchased and returned by someone else. The retailer claims all returned items are inspected and tested. I don't see how that could be, because they would have spotted this Nikon lens in a Sony box if they had. They got duped by someone. They must have never opened this box.

Or something else...

I'm going to call tomorrow morning at 11:00AM. I will hold off on naming the retailer until I see how they handle this incident. I hope it is less of an issue than I fear.

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