Half of D800 have issues???

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Re: Half of D800 have issues???

ThePaleRider wrote:

Two different samples cannot be combined, unweighted, to form one new sample. You sir, are either badly misinformed or are seeking to deliberately mislead others.

Either way, you are clear evidence that ignorance is not bliss.

What an impolite and uninformed post ! Why do you imagine that I have a hidden agenda? And why insulting straightforward someone who you don't happen to know?

To your remark: there are many cases in which samples can be combined, and it happens that this is one of them since the samples are taken from the same population, that is Nikons' production of D800.

Your wrong observation, probably copied from Wikipedia or whatever, refers to sampling of non-homogeneous populations, such as a country's citizens for a political poll.

But I wonder if you ever studied a tiny bit of statistics, or you are just trying to troll. In order to understand it, I will ask you a simple question: what is the weight, in your "weighted sample"? If you think to it you will understand your mistake.

PS: my D800 is still on its way from Sendai to my local shop ...


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