Samsung nx 20mm Pancake

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Re: 20-50mm lens will match your 20mm needs

Ralf Bauer wrote:

I trust in the guys of photozone ... BTW they are from my hometown Munich.

The simple reason why the 20mm is NOT a "must have": the 20-50mm lens is too good. Take a look at the resolution chart of this lens:

E.g. Corner sharpness of 20-50mm lens is better even wide open! This half stop better light ... here the prime lens seems to fail against the simple built zoomer.

At 20mm, there doesn't seem to much difference in the edge detail according to these figures. In fact at higher apertures, the 20mm prime is better. In the centre, the 20mm prime is sharper across all apertures.

The 20mm is also a faster lens, and has slightly less barrel distortion.

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