Half of D800 have issues???

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Re: Half of D800 have issues???

Let's say Nikon has 10 production lines for this camera. If one of those lines has a alignment machine that is off kilter a bit leading to this "Left AF issue" then the probability can be 10% of all manufactured. To achieve a constant 1% error would mean there would be 100 lines running which I somehow doubt having seen those CNET photos of the assembly plant and the alignment machine they use in Sendai.

If that one line has an issue producing 10% defects then there is a strong chance that of all those coming off that faulty line, then the customer of one off that line may only discovering the issue may be far less than 10%, maybe as low as 2%. Nikon's bean counters may just choose to ignore that number and not bother looking at all and let field service address it.

Where that defective run goes could point to why some get more bodies with the issue too. Mixing it up will help.

For me, if the thing ever shows up (4 months and 7 days now with half down, ugh!) I'll take it in to their shop in person over and over until they do something about it if it is annoying enough. This stuff is not plu-perfect at any price (Hubble Space Telescope had one defective lens/mirror and look what happened with the service call there.) and my issues with four of their their zoom lenses AF Tuning (numbers change depending on zoom length in Reikan's FoCal software) follows that fact. However, if it does bug me, I won't result to the online filing and shipping thing as it just leads to more waiting and aggravation. I doubt if my dealer will have any to exchange for a very long time so that is removed from the equation.


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