Wake up call with X-pro1 on two week Europe trip.

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Re: Wake up call with X-pro1 on two week Europe trip.

Yes - zoom with your feet - AND - use the amazing resolution to crop your original. A zoom is just an infinite set of prime lenses (within a given range). Why not experiment - ONE day with ONE lens only. Then another day with another single lens. Get your head around your primes and you won't miss your zoom at all. Most photographers would use the standard lens most of the time once they get the hang of it. I used to set my graduate students an exercise that changed the way they saw light - spend ONE day with ONE lens photographing doorknobs (on doors). You will be surprised just how challenging it can be and how 'light smart' you become in a very short time. Another little trick to master primes is to set something swinging on the end of a rope or string and see if you can photograph it at different points in its arc. You say, "Right, I'll get a perfect shot of the object on the end at 6 o'clock - right at the exact bottom of the swing." You will very quickly get a feel for anticipating a shot. These two exercises work like magic. Who needs a zoom?

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