Would you still buy a D90 today?

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Hmmm, that's a tough question.

I had 2 of them, one of which I still own.

It's been a really brilliant camera for me (I'm an FX user as well, and shot it along a D700) and though I never got to try the newer D7000 I have trouble believing it "crushes" the D90, as another poster said.

I'm now using mostly a m4/3 set-up (Panasonic GX-1 + various lenses) but if I had to buy another APS-C DSLR today, I'd be a little torn.

Sure, the D90 still shoots excellent pictures, but when I see the LEAP in technology of current cameras, I would be hesitant.

Unless you want to use lenses with no AF motor, I think it's safe to advice to get the newer D3200 (IF budget allows). You stated you used an older 350D from Canon and focus was faster than the D90 ? I had both and I say NO WAY. AF was always a very strong point of Nikon, though since it offers way more setting options, you have to dig into the AF system a bit to find out what works out for you.
Anyway, is the D90 still an excellent cam ? of course it is.

Isn't newer technology more advanced and more appealing today ? I think the leap is sufficient that it's worthy to get the newer cam.

As of today, if I had to buy an APS-C Nikon (I'm waiting for the DD D600), yes it's probably be the D3200.

My D90 doesn't get much use today, but I was comfortable resorting to it a couple of weeks ago for a wedding, and it didn't let me down.

Happy shooting,

3 pics with my trusty D90 :

Here at the wedding, with vintage PP :

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