Professional Olympus SZ-31MR iHS Reviews/Tests?

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Re: Professional Olympus SZ-31MR iHS Reviews/Tests?

dodfr wrote:

Thank you for posting those bird zoom samples, in fact I am estonished by the 48x that seems not to be a simple digital zoom as it really add details to the picture.

I am looking for an addon to my good old P200 I always care with me and that already falled twice in water during long-hike trips (but I always carry micro-screwdriver with me to unmount and dry it) , it is very good for macro as it is not wide angle, sharp picture, and small enought to reach any thin space (all done with one hand control).

But it miss wide angle and good zoom factor.

This Olympus looks great (except for macro because of wide-angle but my P200 will do this part) , only thing is the miss of manual controls.

I am also as many looking at WB850F and TZ30, and Sony HX20V has been put appart because of the "painting" feeling of that Sony's pictures since HX9V.

Can the olympus be charged thru USB ?

Is the LCD screen wide-angle ? SZ-30MR had a TN screen with bad vertical angle view.

Can touch screen be deactivated and/or all done thru physical button ?

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Pleased you liked the pigeon shots. I'm still amazed at just how well this little fella performs.

Re your questions:-
USB Charging
Yes, it uses a F-2AC USB-AC adapter for charging.

Note the connector on the camera is a 'multi connector in that you can (as I do) connect more than a power source. I also connect my Remote Timer for Time-Lapse shooting.

However, I do not use the connector for charging my batteries as I purchased a cheap battery charger Online which can either charge a separate battery at a Home power point or in car with a supplied car charger.

Another reason for using a separate charger is it frees the camera for use with another battery whilst charging a depleted one is taking place.

LCD Wide-Angle

The LCD screen is a much higher 920,000 screen. It is bright (you can alter it also) and very clear. I have no problem viewing the screen at any angle.

Touchscreen deactivation

No, it is permanently wired. However, the scroll wheel is very effective and has a ratchet type feel. You can either use the screen, press Left/Right on the scroll wheel (press and hold you can scroll rapidly through your shots), or rotate the outer bevel on the scroll wheel to move between shots.

Note, if you use the latter option (rotating the outer bevel), this is very handy if you wish to compare shots from a zoomed level.

i.e. you zoom into a shot then spin the outer bevel by one click Left/Right and you maintain the same zoom ration. Normally found on more expensive and professional cameras.

btw you mention Macro shooting. Here's a tip ~ This camera has an excellent zoom at short distance. You can use FULL zoom from as little as just under 19 inches from it's focal source. Not Macro but ideal when you wish to get really close to something near but can not do it by normal Macro due to restrictions in movement.

Happy with most Cameras but use:-
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Olympus SZ-31MRiHS
Panasonic LX3

Other favs of recent use:
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Panasonic TZ5, TZ7, TZ10
...and a bucket load of others!

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