A couple gripes about 5D3 usability

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A couple gripes about 5D3 usability

Minor, but drive me up the wall...

1. When I push the quick settings buttons, show me the real frickin' quick settings. When I am in LiveView mode, it just puts up some nearly useless and indecipherable mini settings menu. Forcing me to exit LiveView, then hit the button again, then another LV press back to LiveView, ridiculous.

2. Quit timing out LiveView when I am actively using the camera. Adjusting manual focus...adjusting zoom..moving tripod...arghhhhhh...LiveView timed out!...press LV button...wait WAY TOO LONG for start up of LV mode...adjust, adjust....timeout...aaargggghhh!!!. The camera obviously has multiple means of detecting the camera is being used, even using the accelerometer to see the camera is being moved. Make it SMARTER please.

Others...these are more questions than gripes:

3. Why can I not see the graphical microphone levels unless I am in manual adjustment mode?

4. Live histogram while recording video in Av mode?

5. The inability to zoom the LCD during live video to check focus is really limiting.

6. Display the frickin' active ISO setting during live video when Av mode?

7. The 30 minute limit on video is ridiculous (apparently caused by international tax regulations???). Doing a long interview you have to watch this (and make sure the timer is being displayed). Halt the interview temporarily, stop, restart.

Any secret settings to help any of these that I have overlooked would be appreciated.

The Japanese are historically terrible with embedded software, and it shows. I wonder how many decades it will take for Nikon or Canon to "discover" that allowing and even supporting users to download apps on the camera that alter the operation is a good thing. Magic Lantern should not be a hack, it should be supported.

Case in point is the explosion of camera manipulation apps on the iPhone. Now I don't want Instagram on my 5D3, but I would like the ability to override some of Canon's usability "choices". It.can.be.done.much.better.

Many of you will want to respond locking it down is better...professional camera...reliability...tech support...blah blah..blah. My response is that you can choose to not download these apps if that is important to you. Choice is a good thing.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III
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