Tips on getting used to a new Wacom tablet

Started Jun 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Tips on getting used to a new Wacom tablet

I second AusPic's suggestion that you put your mouse away and do everything with the pen so you get used to how it works. Relax you hand onto the tablet and "just do it". As the pen is location-specific and exact (where you put the pen is where the cursor is) as opposed to the relative behavior of a mouse (you may have to "sweep" the mouse more than once to get from one side of your screen to the other), avoid the mental confusion this can cause and just use the pen. When I got my first computer, people told me to play solitaire (insert simple game name of your choice) to become accustomed to it - the advice still works with a pen.

I haven't used a mouse willingly since about 1997 - my first Wacom attached to a parallel port...


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