Vacation Superzooms II (Image Quality)

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Re: Vacation Superzooms II (Image Quality)

Thanks for the comparison I can see that the "G" lenses produce a brighter picture,just looks as if the white balance is better, plus a little more detail but in my experiences the high cost of the superior lenses hardle justify the results as in an 8x10 you wont pick up much,if any difference but if it is work critical to have the expensive lenses than i guess that justifies the cost but for humble novices like myself I have gone down the expensive path and ended up selling all the gear I had as in the end it was overkill for what I was doing.

just looking at the Tamron 270 though it looks like something is wrong with the lens...............oh and I have to say that these new cameras with built in lens profile can really make a big difference coupled with smaller sensors such as a 4/3 and the need for big heavy lenses pales.

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