This camera is terrible!

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This camera is terrible!

Contributor 1: Boo!
Contributor 2: Boooo!
Contributor 1: That is the worst camera I’ve ever seen!
Contributor 2: It’s terrible!
Contributor 1: Horrendous!
Contributor 2: Well it isn’t that bad.
Contributor 1: Oh, yeah?
Contributor 2: Well, there are parts of it I like!
Contributor 1: Well, I like a lot of it.
Contributor 2: Yeah, it is GOOD actually.
Contributor 1: It’s great!
Contributor 2: It’s wonderful!
Contributor 1: Yeah, bravo!
Contributor 2: Fantastic!
Contributor 1: Incredible!
Contributor 2: Game changing!
Contributor 1: I’m going to buy one!

Apologies to Statler and Waldorf of the Muppets.

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