A D800 ISO test

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Re: A D800 ISO test

andreben wrote:

J2photo wrote:

All images were taken Aperture Priority at F5. Processed in LR4 with the sharpening to 50, Radius 1.0 and detail 50. No noise reduction was used. No other processing was done. The lens used was the Tamron 28-75 2.8 and the camera was mounted on a Tripod and center point was used.

Nice comparison, I agree that the D800 really shines at highish ISO! One comment though (or maybe two..): From my (somewhat limited) testing with the D800 over the last week, I find that high ISO IQ is vastly different depending on the amount of ambient light.

The test you've down give a good example of the great performance when there's significant ambient light, so that we can comfortably use A or S mode (or M) in combination with Auto-ISO to get the effects we want, and not really caring too much about which ISO the camera chooses (at least up to 3200). This however is somewhat in contrast to high ISO behavior when there very little ambient light, so that a ISO of 12k or 25k is NEEDED in order to make the shot. In this latter case I find A LOT more chroma noise in the pics, and can't really say that 25k is usable for anything else than a casual snap.


That's what I'm particularly interested in. Essentially, poor light shots that push the ISO above 3200, well above, and especially compared to the D700 considering I can pick a new one up now for around $1,800 v $3,000 for an 800. That's the ONLY thing that bothers me. The 800 would need to be a LOT better to justify another $1,200 for my purposes, the smaller file size from the 700 would also be a benefit.

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