Olympus SZ31mr review

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Re: Olympus SZ31mr review

BChew wrote:

Have be looking into which compact zoom to get. Usual choice between the Sony, Canon, Nikon, Fuji and Pana. Using a Fuji F70exr. It's OK. Mike, the moon shot is unreal. Didn't need the GPS. Wanted a better zoom than 20x . Have been using the Eye-Fi X2 cards and it works well for me. Plan to use the X2 cards in the SZ31. Thanks Guys for the great discussion. Just ordered the SZ31mr from the dell for $299. Dell Part Number A5868309. The person that helped me with the order is Arindam. You can reach him at 1-800-847-4096 ext 4163011. He was a great help. Not sure how long the $100 discount will last.
Now is the hard part. Cann't wait to get me hands on it.


Hi Boon,
Pleased you enjoyed the Moon shots.

Again it's unbelievable that all my shots are taken at hand-held above my head, especially those Moon shots where the light was fading very fast.

Re the Eye-Fi card, I have an Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB on order and was intending to do a review after.

Boon, could you please report how you get on with the card and camera. Also if you will be using it with the Smartphone App as well. If so which App, the iPhone or Android.
I shall be using the Android App with the Eye-Fi.

Happy with most Cameras but use:-
Nikon D200 + various differing Lens [inc Sigma Bigma].
Fuji X10
Olympus XZ-1
Olympus SZ-31MRiHS
Panasonic LX3

Other favs of recent use:
Various Nikon DSLR's,
Canon SX95
Panasonic TZ5, TZ7, TZ10
...and a bucket load of others!

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