Tips on getting used to a new Wacom tablet

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Re: Tips on getting used to a new Wacom tablet

First up, put your mouse away, and do NOT pull it out again till you are really relaxed with the tablet.

I have a big Intuos 4, and just recently bought a small bamboo. I had thought the bamboo to be a toy. How wrong I was. with the rocker on the pen and just two buttons on the tablet its a beauty for photography, where the Intuos is better for graphics, its quicker.

For me the key to getting comfortable was to set it up so that it made sense to me, for example I only use the forward rocker and all else is done via the tablet.

Oh if you went with the bamboo the tablet can be set up like an Apple magic pad, disable that straight off as it may just cause confusion. Keep things simple.

In the end it is just like all other tools. Takes a while to teach the brain eye hand with a new set of actions to be made. Getting it to be a reactive response to he tablet screen took me about three weeks and after a month it was as natural as the mouse had been.

I now have a mouse connected too, but use it only for browsing, switching between was no big deal once the tablet went to comfort-Auto mode for me.

Have fun it is a great tool used in Photoshop or whatever editing program you use.


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