GH2 visits a spotted leopard and cage lines

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Re: GH2 visits a spotted leopard and cage lines - 2-D FFT of image.

coroander wrote:

Be interesting to see if that actually works... no obvious high frequency or other components in the cage lines, so maybe. But 75% chance all we're doing is discussing why it didn't work after you try it

Note that what I stated was:

The most sophisticated method of removal would be to remove (only) those lines in the complex spatial frequency domain, and then take the inverse Fast Fourier Transform of the edited result.

While that statement of mine is certailnly true enough, note that I did not state that I have a good way to attempt to remove those lines from the Fourier Transformed image. I am still waiting for "Moore's Law" to lead us onward into bold new vistas of futuristic solutions. It (may) be that some of the astronomical image-processing applications (may) include provisions for such things. I don't know. Perhaps you would be interested in pursuing such things ? Just because I state that something is true does not mean that I will necessarily embark upon a research project to do it.

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