High Key of Sorts: evolving style

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Re: High Key of Sorts: Tutorial CS5... HowardInOregan..Correction.

Thank you Antioch:

Although I have not had time to perform your thorough workflow, I can easily see it is precisely what I've requested. Earlier I tried to create highkey images using a combination of a copied backround layer, a white fill layer, blend modes and layer masks, but I simply could not duplicate the look of a gradient, which I presume, is the principal "key" tool here.

Again, Thanks!

BTW, this forum is a pleasure vis-a-vis the EOS 1D et.al.; learning rather than bickering. It reminds me of when I was a teenager going at it ad nauseum over whether a '69 Z28 could put down more rubber than a '69 Shelby Mustang.

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