Old Pentax prime lens vs digital zoom lens

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Re: Old Pentax prime lens vs digital zoom lens

el baroda 2 wrote:

Hi. I am seriously thinking of getting an old Takumar 135mm f/2.5 lens but am not sure if this is a good move since I already own a modern Tamron 18-200mm lens. Can someone tell me if there's a noticeable difference in IQ between these two lenses, if the latter is set at 135mm and the available light is adequate? Will the former, being a prime lens, perform better (ie, sharper)? Comments and suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks and regards.

The Takumar is an excellent lens on digital, especially, as has already been said here, one is careful about controlling lens flare (easy, as the lens has a built-in, sliding hood). I've not had great results with it on film, but on 1.5x crop digital it's gotten me some of my favourite pictures. At f/2.5, it's a good deal faster than your Tamron's going to be at 135mm, so it's worth having just for that.

It gets a lot of bad reviews, but, really, it's a very good lens.

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