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Sorry, I STILL think that was BS to blame McDonalds. She is the one who ordered HOT coffee. If she had ordered iced coffee and it burned her, sure go ahead sue them. She also didn't take care to open the coffee. Between her knees? Really?
I am sorry she was hurt, though.

Read the proceedings of the court case: The woman was actually found to be partially responsible (20%, if I recall). What cost McDonald's the case was that, not only was the coffee far too hot to be safe, but it was hotter than most people who buy coffee might expect it to be. Also, they essentially lied in court about the results of a study they had commissioned about customer preferences in coffee temperature. That's the bit that really sank them.

Having recently had a flawed coffee cup top split, thus covering a hand and part of an arm with fresh, hot coffee at Starbuck's, I have to say I am very glad that McDonald's was sued by the woman and lost.


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