Markins Lever Quickshoe - complex to re-adjust to a different plate size?

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Re: Markins Lever Quickshoe - complex to re-adjust to a different plate size?

tyyreaun wrote:

Well, you just need to turn a screw. However, it's a small screw and it's set between two plates, so you need to get a very specific screwdriver to turn it - t0o big and it won't fit between the plates, too small and you won't be able to turn the screw. It actually took me a while to find one that works.

Once you find a good screwdriver, though, it's not hard - just poke it in and turn. You don't need exact tolerances, and you'll know how much you'll need to turn it after the first or second use.

That being said, few catches:

  • Yes, it's a bit of a pain in the ass

  • You can't bring screwdrivers on a plane, so you'll need to check your bags when traveling, or just buy a new screwdriver when you get to your destination

I don't have RRS plates, but I did get a new Kirk plate which is supposedly built to RRS tolerances, and it's definitely wider than Markins - my Markins plates slide out when the clamp is set to RRS width, and it won't close on the Kirk plate when set to Markins width. You might be able to find a width that works for both, but I'm not sure I'd recommend it.

So, if you're only using the tripod locally then it's probably not a big deal. If you travel with it, it might be an issue.

One possibility I considered is to get the RRS plate and file it down to Markins sizes. A triangular file should work very well.

Thanks for the detailed reply tyyreaun!

I decided to get the clamp with the nodal slide.

From what you write, while it requires a special screwdriver, it should take only 10-20 seconds after practice. Sounds reasonable to me.

Worst case, ill replace my plates to RRS brand

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