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I thought if I chucked your name about a bit then you surely would hear a bell ringing soon enough. I had remembered you talking about the method some time ago. At the time I saw no use for it but have recently acquired more than one GXR body with A12 mount and have started playing "pro-shooter" with more than one body/lens-combination in play. The GXR has a provision to register the lens EXIF on the camera but I find that I have too many lenses and I play with them in a sort of rolling manner. I would either have to limit myself to just a few lenses (very sensible), or commit myself to be forever delving deep into the menus (and the lens info is quite remote), which takes a lot of the spontaneous fun out of the whole exercise.

So I could stomach a bit of guess and by god stuff with the files from one date in the same directory or I could set up one as "My guess it is GXR body #1 that took that image" sort of sub-directory. In fact even R4 files right through to GXR files use the same numbering system. So it is useful to be able to throw all your R4, GX, CX, GRD and GXR files form one day's effort into a single file and know exactly which one took what and also sort numerically and get them grouped together no matter when they were taken - and all automatic with no further input needed.

Obviously there are other ways of doing these sort of things and apparently many software products will rename an input stream on demand - so why bother? I bother much because it can be done, by me and my thanks to your persistence and resolve and the good nature to have posted the information in the first place.

Glad to see that your R4 is still working well and has a good home.

Mine, well I pulled it out to give it the Prefix "R5" (don't ask, it is complicated) but the old soldier just lined up and took the test images right on demand.


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