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Re: again, "it's the final image that matters stupid"... not just the numbe

sdyue wrote:

truly very low light, only good hi ISO can make the difference

And top 3 in 35mm SLR are all Nikon, d3s, d4, d800.

1dx may get in there, but right now it is vaporware.

good DR is important to modulate high contrast in very good light

It doesn't have to be "very good light" at all, high contrast can easily exist in les than ideal lighting. 14 stop dr means you will get better iq shoot ISO 100 than another camera has to shoot at ISO 1600 with 9 stop dr at 1600 ( which can't shoot iso100 because it only has 11 stops).

here, take a good look, D3200 is included too...

who is into the numbers now?

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