Pentax K30 or Canon 60D?

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Re: Pentax K30 or Canon 60D?

Jim in Hudson wrote:

photodog25 wrote:


OK, so now I am about to say something that will probably be somewhat controversial. Most casual photographers do not need a DSLR and should look at mirrorless systems. The mirrorless systems will be lighter and more compact to carry around and the IQ (of the newer sensors models) will be very close to that of APS-C DSLRs. However, do not rule out a competent DSLR like the K30 as that camera will give you a lot of shooting flexibility, and great IQ, for a modest price, if you are willing to put up with its bulk.

Have you checked out the Panasonic G3? The camera has a decent sensor, a good electronic viewfinder, a flip out screen, focuses quickly, and can be purchased for under $500 body only.

Whatever you do, please handle the cameras before you make your decision as each camera will feel different in your hands. Best of luck!

Interesting you mention Panasonic. When I was deciding on my EP-1, the reviews I read (including on DPReview) all seemed to point to Panasonic having inferior IQ to Olympus in micro 4/3, not to mention the APS-C cameras.

I'm completely open to another micro 4/3 or other mirrorless camera as long as it has a good viewfinder and very good IQ. From what I can tell the EM-5 is the only one that has both but it seems to be too much money (for me).

Well, there are several levels of micro 4/3 sensors. The 12MP ones that were put in earlier cameras had a lot of noise and not a very large dynamic range. I wouldn't buy those. However, the sensors that are in the GX1, GH2, G3, and EM5 are all very good with the EM5 being the best. I think the EM5 will probably achieve nearly as good IQ as the K5, D7000, K-01, or K30.

But realize, Jim, a camera is more than IQ. Check out the other features, size, weight, lens availability in the speed and focal lengths you need. If you can hold off, there should be some fantastic offers this year since it is a photokina year and the makers will be all competing for your dollar with all the new cameras and lenses that will be coming out.

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