What does the new T4i mean for the 7D II and 70D?

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Re: What does the new T4i mean for the 7D II and 70D?

bobn2 wrote:

Mark B. wrote:

GuardianFlash wrote:

I think the 70D would be in the $1500 range while the 7D II will be a $2000 full frame. Or maybe they'll combine the two. Strong rumors that the next D7000(D600) is a full frame.

Nope, I very seriously doubt the 7D is going to be full frame, or even 1.3x. It will remain the top dog APS-C body.

I wouldn't expect Canon to change the line up, so the rumoured spec and price of the 7DII with APS-C (I think they'll stick at 18MP), 61 point AF, maybe 10FPS is about right, and price $1800-$2000.

They'll stick at 18MP and Nikon D400 has 24Mp? Good luck with that!


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