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These Marla/Tedolf threads ...

… remind me of my daughter and son, who were 18 months apart and the personification of sibling rivalry, each of whom knew how to get the other's goat and, at the same time, drive me and my wife nuts. We always said the reason we never filed for divorce is that neither of us wanted custody of the kids.

There's no doubt that had the OP been started by Mr. Anonymous, it would have sunk into Dpreview oblivion within an hour with no replies … or maybe one by one of the more blunt members of the forum, who would have said, “What does this have to do with MFT or anything, you dope? Go away.”

But since it was begun by Marla, who is a charming lady and a fine photographer, and who has also had a really lousy month, and now the weather is conspiring against her as well, it was bound to draw many empathetic comments. And if the accompanying photos were taken with a Nikon D90, well, who cares?

Tedolf, of course. And so he makes an outrageous first reply, and off we go toward 150, “He started it!” “No, she started it!” Blah blah, and everyone chooses sides. Delightful.
It's like two attention-getters succeeding beyond their wildest dreams.

Well, at least this thread is a lot more interesting than the usual equivalence drivel and animosity.

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