OMD EM5 future firmware - wish list?

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Re: A few bugs i've found so far.....

fooddudeone wrote:

Just got mine yesterday.... Love it!

3200 iso Videos are soo clean! Cleaner than my old 5N And 5D2!!!

And of course, IBIS. Makes videos look like they were shot on a tripod, fluid head or shoulder-rig. No more need to lug around big gear for casual shooting and no more shaky footage! Awesomeness!

So far... my only gripe... no magnify in Video mode; not even with MF assist nor if setting Fn2 to

muti-function" (which includes Magnify in its' included 4 quick-chose-options). I guess I can switch from still modes to video modes quickly though. Also noticed a small bug. If your Video-mode Exp setting is set to M, it [I]Has[ I] to be in video-mode. Ie: if you hit the video-record button in m/s/a/p, even if video-mode exp. setting in the menu is set to M, it will record in Auto-Exp.

....So you have to make sure your left mode-knob is always on Video-Mode if you want to shoot Manual Video...not a huge deal, but I can see that I and others will forget from time to time, especially in the heat of the moment when out shooting... and might come home to find out you just captured a bunch of clips, that are ruined because it's on auto-exposure.

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