X-PRO1: AF is awesome now!

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Re: Not really with the 60mm

I have to agree. I am fine with the 60 (it's a macro...ya know) but I've used other macros that focus faster and I can understand those who have issues with the zoom-focus feature. I do think that if we go quiet, the updates will be more disappointing.

devwild wrote:

It might be a bit better with the 35mm, but the 60mm is still pretty bad. Macro is agonizingly slow, as is low light hunting, and it still won't lock onto a lot of things it really should be able to.

Also, the MF enhancement really doesn't help nearly enough with the 60mm (or longer adapted lenses) when shooting handheld. You can't see the sharpness when the whole screen is a blur. There still needs to be some option other than a fixed 10x fullscreen zoom, for sure.

It's nice to see improvement, but don't go letting fuji rest on their laurels. They need to get this thing right .

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