My new baby and 5d3

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I think that the f/6.3 works there perfectly well. There are cases when f/1.8 may look better but I would use a larger aperture mostly when the subject is farther away.

I enjoyed your photos.

kevindar wrote:

funny you say that. on the baby pics. I posted on FM, and everyone said whay are you shooting at 6.3, should shoot at 1.8. I am thinking at this close focusing distsance on full frame, I would like to have the entire face in focus and a litte bit of hat, since I am controlling the background.

Press Correspondent wrote:

kevindar wrote:

Not a pro, and without a doubt far more gear than talent (yes, I am the cliche ameture gear head), but its great to be able to capture memories.

Those with more talent would use the 85 or 50 at f/1.2, because the definition of a good portrait here on DPR is one eye in focus surrounded by bokeh It takes courage to openly admit prioritizing the subject over bokeh.

Seriously, the DOF on the first shot is perfect. Both subjects are in focus and the definition of the background is just right to show them in a 3-dimensional setting. Blowing the background away completely with f/1.2 would make the image flat by taking the subjects out of the context of the background. It would also reduced the focused subject to one selected eye.

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