mirrorless prices are becoming ludicrous

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Re: well, that's what killed prosumers 10 years ago

tedolf wrote:

tko wrote:

Prosumers were getting better and better, looking like dSLR replacements. But the price kept increasing, and manufacturer's lower the dSLR prices and bam, no more serious prosumers. Until now.

You have a very good point here.

That is why it is so important to have low cost entry level u 4/3 cameras like the E-pl1 and (holds his nose) the GF-3.

That's about the 5th time I've read E-PL1 as some kind of example of low-pricing, high quality. The E-PL1 is a discontinued camera for quite awhile now, and the only reason you can buy it for $299 or less is that stores are either selling refurbished E-PL1s or trying to get rid of old stock. It had good IQ for it's day, but I much prefer the better build quality of the E-PL2.

Also not sure why you'd hold your nose at the GF3. It's not perfect, but in many ways it's a much more modern, capable camera than the E-PL1. I've hacked mine for video and the quality is outstanding rivaling the GH2.

We need stuff at the $300.00 level as well as the $1,000.00 level to keep the customer base growning.

There are no current bodies at $300. The GF-5 and the EPL-3 are both $599, which I think is a fair price.

Small lenses should cost less to make. No miniaturization.

If they would just make some manual native u 4/3 lens at f/2.8 they could be both very cheap and very good.

You have the excellent 2 Sigma lenses, but I don't think you'll see any f2.8 and I would hope if Olympus updates the 17 2.8 pancake (come on Olympus, it's need it) I would hope they make it at least f2, of better f1.7. I have the Sigma 30 2.8 and I think it's a great value and an extremely sharp lens, but I think m43 really needs faster lenses to offset the smaller sensor, deeper DOF.

Where I disagree with the OP is that m43 is not across the board expensive. Bodies seem fall price wise very quickly. For example, you can buy a Panasonic GX1 for $529 which is actually a quite reasonable for what it offers. The NEX-5N hasn't dropped in price at all and is holding a $599 for the body. The point is, there are deals to be had, but all quality optics cost money. Fortunately lenses hold their value very well.

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