G3 or GH2 for low light telephoto

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Re: G3 or GH2 for low light telephoto

Diane B wrote:

I tend to agree about waiting for G5 but I bought a G3 a year ago and there is a decided improvement from G1/GF1 with higher ISOs, Right now both the G3 and GH2 are bargains but if this is a body you will keep for several years it might be worthwhile to wait for the G5 because there could be yet another sensor tweak and more.

I bought the G3 because I am primarily a stills shooter and with research decided it would allow me all the options I wanted for customizing and keep it in a smallish body, sort of a cross between the GF1 and G1 with a very good EVF, tilt screen, etc.

I doubt you would be disappointed with either--but if you can hang on, the intro of the G5 might make it worthwhile.

Diane B

A 'G5' has not even been formerly announced has it? When the 'GH3' will eventually appear it will probably compete with the OMD and slot in just about there or perhaps a little lower?

That would probably mean a 'G5' will start to retail at around £700 or thereabouts. There will have to be a lot of improvements imo to make it worth the difference from the G3. Of course, they could just use the GH2 innards and re-pack them cleverly. Even then, the G3 seems a good buy imo. Not perfect by any means but it does seem to offer quite a lot for the money.


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