What'coming from Pentax in 2012

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Re: Wow - Now I am almost sure that we will see FF ...

id be very happy if they do drop a FF down the road. if i get the k30 (which it looks like i will), i plan on buying more legacy primes than new lenses so ill be all set for a FF anyways. i will then have a very good apsc + zooms for tele work, then ill have my short/medium primes for a good FF. the more i look at the other systems, the more pentax looks like a great decision.

my only other choice could be waiting a bit longer for them to drop their high end apsc and pick that up, then the FF later on. problem is im using a garbage sony slt and i dont want to wait any longer, i need a real camera asap. i imagine once the k30 stocks replenish, we'll know more about the k5II.

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