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Canon GP-E2 GPS performance


Does anyone have extensive performance of this GPS logger yet? I got mine last week and have been trying to use it on my Canon 5DM3 (which I love), with basically terrible results. It arrived 1 day before a month long trip to Europe, and I tested it at my home in San Francisco, and all seemed well. I only had a chance for a brief test, but I stuck in the battery, attached it to the hot shoe, and turned it on. It synced up with satellites and worked fine for the 3-4 pictures I tested, and those pictures had the EXIF data and showed their locations in Picassa. Good start.

But then, I left for Switzerland and I've been trying to use it in Bern, Gruyere and Interlaken, and it has been totally frustrating. At first, it was overcast and raining lightly, and I thought that might be the issue...but the last 3 days have been 100% clear and I can only occasionally get it to find the satellites and sync up. I've tried new batteries, taking it off the camera and holding it over my head, etc and it still keeps doing 3 fast blinks every 6 seconds, indicating no GPS. My camera firmware is up to date and doesn't matter, as it won't sync most times connected or not. I've left it on for hours at a time and it may sync up randomly for 10-15min in the middle of the period. I can't explain it. But I've taken 600 pictures, outdoors, in clear conditions, with maybe 50 of them tagged with GPS data. I keep checking the GPS menu and it shows 3 bars and a 3D gps signal, but rarely picks up the lat/long/alt info. I turn on my android's GPS (Motorola Atrix 4G) and run a signal test app, and it shows 6-7 visible satellites with good reception scores and locks in within a minute and holds the signal. No such luck with the GP-E2. I really hope this is a GPS firmware issue (it has a digital port to get log data and update firmware) , but so far I'm terribly unimpressed. looks good, feels good, mounts on camera nicely, etc. But 5 days into a 1 month trip through Switzerland, France and Italy, hoping to geo-code all photos to document my travels, I'm thinking this thing was a bust. Anyone else have much experience with the device? Maybe mine is the only one having issues...or maybe it is my location in Switzerland, but my rental Audi GPS and my android phone GPS are working like champs, so it feels like a GP-E2 issue.

Hopefully others now have these and are traveling and we can sort through the issues. I 100% want this to work! It is very cool when working, and I really want my pictures geo-coded (don't care much about the logging mode).

Anyone with any suggestions would be more than appreciated!!! I'll check in for input and continue dragging it around in case it becomes more reliable.

Canon EOS 5D
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