Best Practice Question... best method of file pc hd...?

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Best Practice Question... best method of file pc hd...?

may seem to be a silly question to some...

... i may be a bit behind the times here...

how do the nikon folks here with experience longer than march 22 2012

.... with your nikon cameras transfer your files to PC Hard Drives?

as i have mentioned in the past / new to nikon - coming from many many years with olympus 4/3 kit

i had always used card reader... and windoes exlploder to 'copy' files to hd...

i have usb3 now in new pc... and am thinking there is probably a better way to do this...

and am basically doing the same thing but using the camera/cable and windows explorer (exploder) to copy/paste to my hd folder...

i will be using viewNX, captureNX2

possibly capture one6 pro and iam sure ps6 by mid summer...

do you guys use any these 'apps' to move, catalog and archive the camera files on your hd's?

what is best practice in the long run to take the images to a PC or laptop or for that matter, portable HD while on the road...

huge thanks...


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