K-5 and its Replacement.

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Re: K-5 and its Replacement.


I own a K20D which does not, to my knowledge, have true MLU. I usually use 2-second delay instead, but this doesn't work so well for shots that require timing.

It appears that this feature is in the K5, but only when in liveview. Is that correct?

By the way, I do read my manual!


awaldram wrote:

photodog25 wrote:

I'd like to see true mirror lock-up and not just a 2-second mirror pre-flip.

I get really confused when people ask for features that have been present for generations of Pentax cameras.

It seems to me only three reasons for this

1 Doesn't own a pentax camera of this class
2 Doesn't use the camera at all
3 Doesn't read the manual.

Now I'm as happy as the next to discuss features they'd like to see but it very difficult when the feature requested are already in body.

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