2 Weeks, 3 D800's - Nikon QC Sucks

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2 Weeks, 3 D800's - Nikon QC Sucks

Not really a poster on the forum but a daily reader.

Just need to tell someone about this... can't tell my wife as she doesn't really think I need this camera anyway...
I'll try to keep it short.

Got the phone call...really excited and rushed to pick it up!
I was blown away as I could see a big difference from the D300.
No issues, working great, spent most of the time taking pictures. Lifed is Good!

I checked for the left focus and seemed acceptable with some minor AF fine tuning.

Well, this lasted for a week when suddenly it stopped reading my compact flashes.
I checked 4-5 CF all on the approved list with no success.

I checked the pins with a flash light and loupe and none were bent. I never forced the CF...

I called Nikon canada for service and they said approx 3 weeks to invesigate, open it up, etc. No thank you! So many stories of them fixing one thing and breaking something else... I took it back to the store where we checked all available CF with no success.

Received my replacement 2 days after which unfortunately had shutter release problems. When I tried it the first time I thought the lens was on manual focus.

The shutter was not working properly. You had to press really hard to actually obtain

the focus and this was almost at the point of release... Sometimes it wouldn't even focus. It took 4-5 tries to focus. It wasn't the lens as I tried different lenses. Not good...
I didn't even check for the left AF or anything else.

The third one I got 2 days ago seemed fine, checked focus, did some AF fine tuning.

Probably the sharpest of all I have had. Most of the lenses did not require AF fine tuning. But... here comes the but... I just started last night to shoot on AF-C and oh my god... continuous focus hunting like there is no tomorrow. I said it must be the low light and I am tired... will try during the day... no big deal.
Well, today I have been going crazy with this continuous focus hunting.
All lenses not just one or 2!

I thought my 24-70 and 70-200 are defective. Tried them on D300 and they are fine...

I can't shoot more than 10 minutes on AF-C as I'm getting a headache from this focus hunting.... zzz....zzz...It is terrible. Non stop. Even on static objects.

While testing this I noticed the 3D can't focus and keep up with moving subjects. Loses the subject and focus jumps to static subjects all over the place. Not sure if related or not...
The first 2 D800's didn't have this issue.

I shoot a lot of hockey and I could just imagine how this is gonna turn out when the hockey season starts...

I am seriously thinking of waiting for a few months until Nikon sorts their shtuff together...

I know some of you will say or insist that I should have taken the camera(s) to Nikon service but I disagree. Please respect my choice and beliefs.

Everyone is different and has different mentallity, ideas, goals, and perspective, etc...
Why should I have to go thorough all the trouble for a defective product??
Don't get me wrong. I really want one! I'm not willing to sacrifice for it!
I think I gave Nikon enough money already...
I think the D800 is a great camera and images are outstanding!

This is probably Nikon's worst realease...wonder if the drop in QC has something to do with the flood...

Anyway...I feel better now
I needed to let it out.

Here is what I used:
14-24 F2.8
24-70 F2.8
70-200 F2.8 VRII
60 F2.8
50 F1.8
Manfrotto 190CXB tripod

Serial #'s:

Nikon D300 Nikon D800
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