Looks like i have SAB then?

Started Jun 15, 2012 | Discussions thread
Photozopia Senior Member • Posts: 1,302
Fuji X100 not a point n shoot!

Simple exposure error (fortunately) not SAB.

The X100 really isn't an 'auto everything' P&S ... even in the 'double A' mode it has it's limits. Unlike most P&S cameras it won't default to idiot-proof warnings, or help in popping the flash, etc. if you get it wrong.

Worth taking the time to learn and master the controls though - results are worth it!

photopaque wrote:

I still have a lot to learn with this camera- its wierd becuase even though most of my shots dont come out right i just know once i figure out how to work or should i say tame this beast it will meet all my expectations. There is just something magical about tis camera that draws you into it!

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