Pentax K30 or Canon 60D?

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Re: Pentax K30 or Canon 60D?

OK Jim, I am getting a better idea of your needs. Regarding the difference between the 60D and the K30. Not much. The only thing I can think of is focus adjustment. The 60D does not have this capability- which is a mistake - as DSLRs do need this feature. The AF system in these cameras is called a phase detect focus system, PDFS. This system suffers from the fact that these systems need very tight manufacturing tolerances per lens-camera combination (or individual system tuning) to get focusing accurate. I wouldn't buy a DSLR without it because, if your camera doesn't focus accurately, you have to send your camera in for adjustment to a competent repair shop or the manufacturer. And, each lens you buy may need a different adjustment! So, if you buy another lens and find out that the AF is off, back to the shop it goes! The advantage to PDFS found on DSLRS is that the focus speed is usually faster compared to "contrast detect focus systems", CDFS, cameras found on the mirrorless models like the EPL1 that you have. I say usually because the mirrorless makers have made great strides on making their CDFS cameras focus quickly. The newer mirrorless models are almost as fast to focus as DSLRs. The great thing about CDFS is the focusing is dead accurate right out of the box and will need no tuning ever.

Mirrorless cameras with their CD focusing systems do have problems with tracking subjects at high speeds. So, for example, I would not get a mirrorless if I wanted to do wildlife, high-speed auto, or sports photography. I would buy a DSLR instead.

OK, so now I am about to say something that will probably be somewhat controversial. Most casual photographers do not need a DSLR and should look at mirrorless systems. The mirrorless systems will be lighter and more compact to carry around and the IQ (of the newer sensors models) will be very close to that of APS-C DSLRs. However, do not rule out a competent DSLR like the K30 as that camera will give you a lot of shooting flexibility, and great IQ, for a modest price, if you are willing to put up with its bulk.

Have you checked out the Panasonic G3? The camera has a decent sensor, a good electronic viewfinder, a flip out screen, focuses quickly, and can be purchased for under $500 body only.

Whatever you do, please handle the cameras before you make your decision as each camera will feel different in your hands. Best of luck!

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