Please help this oly guy with his pictures

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Re: Please help this oly guy with his pictures

drkm_4_us wrote:

I know for sure its not the right place but its the only place i know
So please don't chase me away!

Below are pictures of my kids, SASHA and SHIKA

The 1st picture is of my 1st kid SASHA and was taken when she was 11 months old. Recently my wife was able to spot the same dress and wanted a similar picture with my 2nd one (SHIKA). That's what you see in the second one. We had to cut her hair because she had to undergo treatment for flat head (plagiocephaly) :-(.

While i was able to recreate a similar pose, i am having difficulty in achieving similar colors (WB, tint etc).

Unfortunately i dont have a RAW file for the 1st picture (SASHA)

If any body knew a quick way to achieve it, please let me know. I have a copy of LR3 and GIMP though I'm a very novice user.At least a pointer to elsewhere would help.


Why not just match the focal length, iso, shutter, and aperture and retake the picture? If not possible your only option is to attempt to underexpose the second image and readjust the color levels. I tried adjusting it in Gimp and got reallllly close but when uploading it all of the adjustment were way off in the browser so I can't really prove what I was able to do, I hate Gimp but it's all I have on this pc here.

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