Shooting raw with NX200

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Re: Shooting raw with NX200

mladenb wrote:

I'm leaving on month trip to Canada soon and didn't want to lug a DSLR with me. First I thought of getting a Pentax Q. But then again for about 400€ more I can get a NX200 with 30mm and 16mm, or the Olympus OM-D kit.

Shooting RAW with a NX200+NX30mm f/2 is a fantastic combo that can revolve huge amount of details. I can warmly recommend it. Add the 16mm f/2.4 and you are ready for street & landscape photography.

I was wondering about NX200 speed when shooting in raw format. I don't use continuous shooting often so it is of no concern to me, it is more about shot to shot performance. Do you have to wait for the buffer to clear every time you take a photograph in raw locking down the camera, and for how long? Or is it pretty much good to go right away.

You will have less problems if you disable the "Quick View" in the second tab in the "Settings" menu (assuming you don't need to check your photos right after the capture). You can take five successive shots as fast as the camera can focus before the "processing" message appears and starts to slow down the shot-to-shot speed (when using Single AF).

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