XP1: are your strap lugs showing extreme wear/

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Re: XP1: are your strap lugs showing extreme wear/

The strap lugs is a pretty significant issue with the X100 and Xpro1. It seems that they are made of the same metal but I don't know for sure. I used the triangle rings on my X100 for about a year and noticed significant wear. At this rate of wear, if I kept using the triangle rings, I'd probably be through them in about 2 more years. I now have circular rings on my X100 and my Xpro1. It seems to have helped quite a bit since I've been using the Xpro1 for about 2.5 months now and have notice only very minor wear with some of it coming from when I had triangle rings on it for the first 3 weeks. Nothing to indicate that the amount of wear would be anything close to what I have on my X100 10 months from now.

So definitely ditch the triangle rings and at the minimum use circular rings. You will still get some wear with the circular rings, but it seems to be much much less.

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